Advice to Entrants for 11th World Rogaining Championships 2013

The International Rogaining Federation (IRF) has set entry criteria for World Rogaining Championships.
The 2013 World Rogaining Championships (2013WRC) has a limit of 1,200 entrants. It is not expected that this limit is reached during the two-week Phase One entry period and thus the IRF has not compiled a list of Prequalified Entrants (PQEs) for 2013WRC.
However, in case of the unlikely situation that this limit of 1,200 entrants is exceed during the Phase One entry period the IRF requests all PQEs entering the event during Phase One to nominate their PQE status in the place provided on the entry page. PQEs will also be asked to nominate the basis of their PQE status (ie what event or position earned them that status). If you have PQE status from more than one event or position you should nominate only one event or position.
PQE status is achieved by any of the following:
  1. Teams that include at least one past WRC open category champion (MO, WO, and XO) in their teamprovided that individual has competed in at least one 24-hour rogaine in the two years immediately preceding the opening of entries and has competed in at least one of the two most recent World Rogaining Championships.
  2. Teams that include at least one person from a team filling the places listed below in any of the 12 age/gender categories (MJ, WJ, XJ, MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, MSV, WSV and XSV):
    1. The first 10 places in 2010WRC or 2012WRC
    2. The first 5 places in the 2011 or 2012 European Rogaining Championships
    3. The first 3 places in the 2011 or 2012 Australian Rogaining Championships
    4. The first 3 places in the 2011 or 2012 North American Rogaining Championships
  3. Teams that include at least one person from a team that filled one of the top 2 places in an open category (MO, WO and XO) in the following events:
    1. 2012 Russian Rogaining Championships
    2. 2012 Czech Rogaining Championships
    3. 2012 New Zealand Rogaining Championships
    4. 2012 Finnish Rogaining Championships
    5. 2012 Ukrainian Rogaining Championships
    6. 2012 Latvian Rogaining Championships
    7. 2012 United States Rogaining Championships
  4. Teams that are eligible for the Ultra Veterans (65 years & over) category (MUV, WUV & XUV)
  5. Teams that include at least one person who is an IRF Councillor or Observer
All entrants will also be requested to nominate the country of which they are a permanent resident.

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