Notice of IRF Meeting

There will be an IRF meeting on the afternoon of Thursday 25th July to be held at the Alol’ Tourist Centre commencing at 1:00pm.

The meeting will be open to all rogainers who wish to attend. Anyone with a keen interest in the future of rogaining and the IRF is encouraged to attend

It is not intended that any decisions be made at the meeting. The plan is to have an informed discussion on a number of topics that are key to the short and medium term development of international rogaining. To assist this discussion a number of discussion papers on the meeting topics will be prepared and posted on the 2013WRC and IRF websites well ahead of the meeting. All interested rogainers are encouraged to read these papers and distribute them widely across their rogaining networks.
Ideally we would like people to come to the meeting ready to be able to present the views of the rogainers in their country on the topics being discussed. Those not able to get to the meeting are encouraged to make written submissions to the IRF Secretary on those matters of interest to them ahead of the meeting.

The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Introductions (15 minutes)

Technical Issues (60 minutes

WRC Management (60 minutes)

Strategic Plan (15 minutes) – The IRF Strategic Plan is due for a major update

Financial Matters (15 minutes)

Other Business – Please advise the IRF Secretary of any items of business you would like to be discussed

The meeting will be finished not later than 4:30pm
Can all people wishing to attend please advise the IRF Secretary Rod Phillips by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The meeting venue will limit the number of people able to attend this meeting so it is essential that you advise the Secretary if you are planning to come. We expect to be able to accommodate everyone who advises they will attend but early advice of your proposed attendance is the best way of ensuring you can be part of planning our future.

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