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11th World Rogaining Championships
Russian Federation
July 26 –27, 2013

Format and Rules
The World Rogaining Championships will be held as a 24 hour rogaining event in accordance with the International Rules of Rogaining published at the IRF web site: http://www.rogaining.com/attachments/article/83/IRF%20rogaining%20rules%202013.pdf, with the exception of rule B2. The above listed provision is replaced by the following one:
B2-1. A team that has a member under 18 years of age shall also have a member 18 years of age or over.
International Rogaining Federation (IRF), Russian Rogaining Federation,Pskov Region State Committee on Physical Culture and Sports and Sports, RUS Club.
General sponsors: Suunto, Salomon.
Official event web site:
Event Centre
The event center is located near Leshane village next to Idritsa – Nochlegovo motorway. Getting there:
a) from the north: one needs to drive highway M20 (E95) and take motorway to Idritsa (westwards), which starts approx. 600 m north of Nochlegovo village. Distance to the hash house from the junction is approx. 6 km;
b) from the south: take motorway to Nochlegovo to the north from M9 junction north of Idritsa.
Distance from Russian - European Union border crossing point isabout 65 km; distance from Pustoshka is about 35km; distance from Alol’ tourist center is about 20 km.
Competition Categories
Men's Open (MO) — men, no age restriction
Women's Open (WO) — women, no age restriction
Mixed Open (XO) — at least one man and one woman, no age restriction
Men's Junior (MJ) — men, all must be under 20 years of age
Women's Junior (WJ) — women, all must be under 20 years of age
Mixed Junior (XJ) — at least one man and one woman, all must be under 20 years of age
Men's Veteran (MV) — men, all must be 40 years of age or over
Women's Veteran (WV) — women, all must be 40 years of age or over
Mixed Veteran (XV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 40 years of age or over
Men's Super Veteran (MSV) — men, all must be 55 years of age or over
Women's Super Veteran (WSV) — women, all must be 55 years of age or over
Mixed Super Veteran (XSV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 55 years of age or over
Men's Ultra Veteran (MUV) — men, all must be 65 years of age or over
Women's Ultra Veteran (WUV) — women, all must be 65 years of age or over
Mixed Ultra Veteran (XUV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 65 years of age or over
Participants and Teams. Registration
Teams of 2 or 3 members. A team member is considered to represent a country of which she/he is a national or a permanent resident.
Registration and entry is carried out in accordance with the Generic Entry Criteria for World Rogaining Championships approved by the IRF until July 14, 2013.  This document as well as the Advice to Entrants for 2013 World Rogaining Championshipsis available on the WRC website.
The following restrictions are applicable:
  • Number of competitors will be limited to 1,200 people
  • Team size is restricted to 2 or 3 members
Applications for participation are submitted via online entry form of the WRC web site. Teams that have submitted applications will receive confirmation via e-mail. Payment shall be made within 3 weeks after a team receives confirmation no later than July 14, 2013.
Punching system
Electronic punching system SportIdent will be used. During the rogaine every competitor has to have one SI card. Competitors may use their own SI cards (if they have the high capacity cards - version SI6, SI10, SI11) or they can borrow one from the organisers. Please specify your demand via on-line entry form. The following types of SportIdent cards are not allowed: SI-Card5, SI-Card8, SI-Card9, pCard, tCard, SIAC1.
SI cards are to be securely attached to the wrists of competitors with special wristbands by competitors themselves in the morning on the day of start, July 26, 2013 before map handout and will be checked by the organizers during maps handout. Every team member shall have the SI card attached and bib number available and be present in person at map distribution.
Backup punching system: each checkpoint will be equipped with hand-punch, which shall be used to punch the checkpoint mark in each participant’s map only in case the SI station is missing or damaged or is not functioning properly.
Event Local Time UTC + 4
Thursday, July 25, 2013
11:00 Camping at the hash house opens
13:00 – 17:00 IRF meeting at Alol' tourist center
16:00 – 22:00 Registration at the event centre is open
19:30 The World Rogaining Championships opening ceremony
Friday, July 26, 2013
8:00 – 9:30 Registration at the event centre
9:30 Distribution of maps
12:00 Start
15:00 Catering for competitors available at the hash house
18:00 Hot meals for competitors available at the hash house
22:27 Sunset
23:20 Moonrise
23:20 End civil twilight
Saturday, July 27, 2013
5:03 Beginning of civil twilight
5:55 Sunrise
12:00 Finish
12:30 Finish closes
12:32 Moonset
13:30 Catering at the hash house closes
14:00 Prize-giving ceremony
Sunday, July 28, 2013
12:00 Camping at the hash house closes
Several accommodation options are available:
  • camping at the event centre from Thursday, July 25 to Sunday, July 28, 2013 (competitors need to have their own tents and gear);
  • Alol’ tourist center
182302 Pskov region
Pustoshkinsky district, P\O Zarech'e, Kholyuny village
Alol' Recreational and Healthcare Center
Phone: +7 (81142) 2-12-49
+7 (81142) 2-19-90
Fax: +7 (81142) 2-10-68
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • hotels in Opochka and Sebezh towns
Location Hotel Accommo- dation type Address Phone Web-site Distance to event center, km
Sebezh Hotel Sebezh Accommodation for 20 persons (rooms for 2 and 4 persons)
Rates from 550 rubles per person per night
Sebezh, Proletarskaya str., 54-a +7 (81140) 35565 (Russian language only) sebezh-hotel.ru about 50 km
Sebezh Mini-hotel Ugarinka - 3 Two cottages. Each one can accommodate up to 10 persons Private territory. Located on Sebezhskoe lake shore. Car parking space available. +7 (911) 8978395;
+7 (911) 3623794 (Russian languageonly)
ugorinka2010. narod.ru /int/ about 50 km
Sebezh Mini-hotel Pribaltiysky Accommodation for 33 persons. Rooms for 1 and 2 persons of different categories Pskovregion Sebez, Margo str., 58 +7 (81140) 35450 (Russian language only) pribaltiyskiy. narod2.ru about 50 km
Opochka Hotel Opochka Accommodation for 39 persons. Twin rooms (shared facilities); twin rooms (ensuite); suite of rooms Opochka, Naberezhnaya str., 4 +7 (81138) 21238 (Russian language only) hotel-opochka.ru
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
about 40 km
Travel Information
By air:
  • To Moscow (airports Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo)
  • To Saint-Petersburg (airport Pulkovo)
Then by train and / or by bus as indicated below.
By train:
  • From Moscow to Sebezh or Velikie Luki stations
  • From Riga (Latvia) to Sebezh or Velikie Luki stations
Then by bus as indicated below.
By bus: chartered bus transportation is arranged upon request
  • From Moscow to the event center and back
  • From Saint-Petersburg to the event center and back
  • From Riga (Latvia) to the event center and back
  • From Velikie Luki to the event center and back
By car: event center can be reached by car/bus; see the table below.
From To Distance Note
Pskov Hash House 170 km  
Pustoshka Hash House 35 km  
Velikie Luki Hash House 120 km  
Sebezh Hash House 50 km  
Riga(Latvia) Hash House 360 – 410 km Sufficient time shall be allowed for crossing the RF boundary
Tallinn(Estonia) Hash House 480 km Sufficient time shall be allowed for crossing the RF boundary
Details on charter bus transportation is published on the WRC website.
Car Rental:
Several international car rental companies operate in Russia:
Hertz Car Hire Locations: Moscow: Domodedovo International Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport, Brestskaya str.; St.Petersburg: Pulkovo International and Domestic Airports, Moskovskiy Railway Station
Avis Car Hire Locations: Moscow: Domodedovo International Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow Downtown, Leningradskiy Railway Station; St.Petersburg: Pulkovo International and Domestic Airports, Moscow Hotel
Sixt Car Hire Locations: Moscow: Domodedovo International Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow Paveletskaya, Moscow Turgenevskaya, Moscow Novoslobodskaya; St.Petersburg: Pulkovo International Airport, Angleterre Hotel
Car parking area for WRC2013 participants and accompanying persons will be available at the event center close to camping area.
Catering at the Event Center
Catering will be provided at the hash house from 15.00 on July 26 (hot meals from 18.00) until 13.30 on July 27 free of charge for WRC2013 participants and registered accompanying persons and spectators. Menu will be made available on the WRC website and at the hash house.
Competitors and accompanying persons camping at the hash house shall use camping gas only for cooking. Fires are strictly forbidden at the event center.
There will be a commercial catering provider selling food and beverages at the hash house outside the competition hours.
Participants camping at the event center during the event shall have their own hiking equipment. Tenting is permitted in designated tenting area only. Tenting and parking areas are nearby, however due to limited parking space it is not possible to put your tent next to your car.
Storage for baggage, valuables and car keys is arranged.
Toilets and showers
Toilets will be available close to the camping area.
Showers (cold water only) will be available for participants after finish.
Moderately hilly terrain of glacial origin with lots of different landforms. The deviation in height between the highest and the lowest points is about 80 m. Typical slopes range from 20 to 40 m. Vegetation: coniferous or mixed forests of pine, spruce, birch, aspen, alder. Passability varies from easily runnable pine forests to almost impassable barriers of fallen trees in coniferous and deciduous forests. Wide areas with thick undergrowth: raspberry, fern, heath. Open lands (about 15%) include abandoned for 20 – 40 years ex-rural areas grown over with high grass, bush and trees. There are a number of cut-over areas of different passability; old cut-over areas are often grown-over.
Numerous water objects: rivers, streams, lakes, swamps, marshes and seasonal marshes. Passability of marshes and swamps varies from easily passable marshes with thick soft cushion of moss to impassable swamps, which might be dangerous to cross. Please be especially careful in estimating marshes and swamps passability in the night time. Passability of small rivers and streams varies depending on rainfall. Care shall be taken when crossing rivers, water courses and ditches as some of them are wide and deep: always try first to use bridges indicated in the map; otherwise try to find fallen trees or dams. Some ditches have muddy bottom and might be of over 3 m deep.
The terrain includes a few small villages and farmland with local population. Settlements are indicated with olive color in the map; these are private areas and it is strictly forbidden to cross or enter them. Public roads going through settlements and indicated in the maps present the only exception; participants are allowed to use them for travelling:


There are also several abandoned villages that include some ruined buildings. Generally the rogaine terrain is a low population area.
There is a network of forest tracks, paths and rides in some sections of the competition area. There are also some old forest tracks, which are nowadays used by few people gathering mushrooms and berries and hunting. It might sometimes appear tricky to find such tracks, especially at night. However they might significantly increase speed of travel and are indicated in the map with the following symbol:

Old forest tracks
Special rogaining map prepared in 2012 and 2013 using OCAD software. Scale 1:30 000, contour interval 10 m. Description of map symbols will be available in the map, on the WRC website and at the hash house. The map will be printed on water- and tear-resistant material Polylith. Fieldwork, map corrections and OCAD drawing by: Alexander Minakov, Sergey Simakin, Sergey Sibilev; OCAD drawing: Egor Kostylev.
Competitors may encounter elk, wild boar, roe, fox, badger, beaver, hare and other smaller animals. However these animals are seen rather rarely. The only venomous snake in the event area is the European adder (viper) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vipera_berus), which is not widely spread. Its bite is not life-threatening, but nevertheless requires immediate medical attention.
Hazards and Annoyances
  • Public roads will be open for traffic during the championships. M20 highway with heavy traffic and vehicles travelling at high speed is the eastern border of the event area. There are no checkpoints located nearby the highway; no optimal routes involve the highway. It is strictly forbidden to enter the highway or its roadside. There are no roads with significant traffic going through the event area; however all participants shall be very careful while crossing gravel or forest roads or travelling along them. Please always note that driving is on the right side in Russia.
  • Large water objects including lakes and impassable marshes shall be avoided. Care shall be taken when crossing rivers, wide streams and ditches and marshes. Some ditches have muddy bottom and might be of over 3 m deep.
  • Insects: depending on weather conditions there might be insects during the event, which include mosquitoes and horse flies. Mosquitoes and horse flies are not harmful (they do not transmit harmful diseases) but might be rather annoying. Competitors are advised to use repellents; some will be available for purchase at the hash house. The ticks are not active in late July; however as there is some chance ticks may carry tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme disease it is advisable to apply specific repellent against ticks and check the whole body after the race.
  • Vegetation: thick vegetation is very typical for certain areas of the competition terrain and includes fern, heath, marsh rosemary, etc. In wet areas like marshy forest and by streams and ditches there are stinging nettles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stinging_nettle). Therefore long trousers covering full length of leg are highly advisable. Participants who are allergic to stinging nettle should take care of extra protection (thick layer fabric) and special precautions. Sosnowsky's Hogweed (Heracleum sosnowskyi) is spread in some particular parts of the terrain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heracleum_sosnowskyi). Parts of this plant contain toxic allergen; drops of its juice might cause photosensitivity and burns. It is advised to avoid physical contact with this plant, which might be up to 3 – 5 meters in height with a straight, firm stem and big umbel at the end of every stem.
Climate and weather
Warm sunny weather is most likely in July, probable daytime temperatures +20 - +25°С, probable nighttime temperatures +10 - +15°С.
Temperature statistics:
Parameter °C °F
Average temperature in July 17,2 62.6
Absolute maximum temperature in July 35,0 95
Absolute minimum temperature in July 2,7 35.6
Average maximum temperature in July 22,6 72.68
Average temperature in July 18,3 64.4
Average minimumtemperature in July 12,5 54.5
Medium probability of rain.
The long-term weather forecast for July 26 – 27, 2013: daytime temperature +25°С, nighttime temperature +18°С. Clear. Low probability of rain.
Local weather forecast available at the web site:
The point range of controls varies from 20 to 100 points. The first digit of the checkpoint number (or 2 first digits in case of checkpoint number 100 and above) multiplied by 10 reflects its point value.
Standard orienteering control markers with reflective stripes will be used.
Water stations with drinking water indicated in the map will be available across the terrain.
Route plan
All teams must complete an intended route plan. The plans shall be drawn on special maps for route plan distributed together with the event maps; team number shall be indicated. The route plan map shall be submitted to the organizers before entering the start aria.
Indemnity form
All competitors shall sign an indemnity form to confirm that they are participating in the championships at their own risk. The indemnity form shall be signed by each member of the team before the team receives the event materials.
Event office and distribution of event materials
Event office will be open on Thursday, July 25, 2013 from 16.00 to 22.00 and on Friday, July 26, from 8.00 to 9.30 at the event center. Teams should know their team numbers for registration.
Registration includes the following procedures:
  • Payment of charter bus fares: At the registry desk each team that used charter buses or has other unsettled debts pays the respective fares. All payments are accepted in Russian rubles in cash only. The nearest ATMs are located in the town of Pustoshka:
    • at STATOYL refuelling station, Moskovskoe highway; open 24h. The following cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, AMERICAN EXPRESS;
    • Sberbank department, Oktyabrskaya str., 41; open 24h. The following cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • SI chip verification: All competitors who have entered for participation with their own SI cards shall provide the SI cards at the registry desk and clear them using special ‘Clear’ station.
  • Indemnity formsigned personally by each member of the team shall be returned to organizers at the registration desk. Please get the indemnity form signed by each member in advance.
  • Team bags hand-out: Each team will receive a bag containing bib numbers, safety pins, SI chips borrowed from organizers, wristbands for SI cards, a souvenir for each team member and other materials.
Medical aid
Qualified medical professionals will be on duty at the event center during the whole duration of the event to provide first aid if required. In more complicated cases, the injured competitor may be transported to a hospital. All competitors should have adequate health insurance, covering also participation in a competition. In the absence of health insurance, hospitals may charge the full cost of treatment.
If in case of emergency medical help is required for a participant in the terrain please contact the organizers by mobile phone as indicated below.
Use of Mobile Phones
Use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden during the competition. However competitors are allowed to carry mobile phones on the course for use in emergence case provided the phones are kept off. All competitors shall switch off their phones before they enter start area and shall keep them off until finish.
The only exception is emergency case when a competitor requires medical help or cannot continue travelling on foot and the team withdraws. In such cases always try to reach the organizers by calling the following numbers as soon as possible:
+7 (921) 116 48 54
+7 (911) 361 53 00
Please note that only part of the competition terrain is covered by GSM cellular network of the following operators: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2. When the signal strength is too low or there is no signal try to move across the terrain primarily to a more elevated location.
Distribution of maps and checkpoint descriptions
Event maps, special maps for route plans (1 per team) and checkpoint descriptions will be distributed at 09.30 on July 26, 2013. Every team member shall have the SI card attached and carry the bib number and be present in person at map distribution.
After finish each competitor will be able to receive an extra copy of the event map printed on paper. These maps will be handed to team representatives upon presentation of the number bib. Additional copies of the event map can be purchased.
All competitors shall enter the start area from 11.15 to 11:45. SI cards rented from organizers are cleared before they are distributed. Participants using their own SI chips shall clear them at registration desk in advance before start. Each competitor shall punch the ‘Check’ station when entering the start area. Each team shall return the route plan with the team number indicated to the organizers when entering the start area. Organizers will be checking the SI cards attached to competitor's wrists.
Start is at 12.00 on Friday July 26, 2013.
The end of the 24 hour limit is on Saturday July 27, 2013 at 12.00.
All members of each team shall punch 'Finish' SI station. After each team finishes the organizers will remove the wristbands from each team members' wrists and read out the SI cards.
The point penalty for finishing late is 10 points per each minute or part thereof. Teams finishing more than 30 minutes late will be deemed ineligible for placing and their result will be recorded as 'LATE'.
After the finish each competitor gets a printout of the SI cards reading including all controls visited, the total time, time of each leg and the sum of points collected. The individual SI printout shall be considered as a preliminary, and not a final result. Preliminary team results are posted at the hash house after the finish is closed (12.30). Final results are published on the WRC2013 website.
Within 45 minutes of the nominated finish time (up to 12.45) a team may submit a protest about any team thought to have breached the rules, about the preliminary results of the team or about any actions of the organizers that they consider made the competition unfair. Protests shall be submitted in writing in English or Russian language.
Any protests are considered and determined by a three person jury. The jury will include qualified and experienced rogainers - IRF councillors and observers. The list of the jury members will be available at the hash house before start. Any IRF councillor or observer and Australian Rogaining Association Council member present at the hash house can be called in as an alternate jury member in case of a protest involving one of the nominated jury members.
The team with the highest score in each category is granted the title of the World Rogaining Champion. The members of the three best teams in each category are awarded medals and prizes. The winning teams in each category (with an exception of Ultra Veteran categories) will be awarded with the IRF perpetual trophies.
All participants will get a certificate of participation.
Registration is open via on-line entry form on the WRC 2013 website.
Entry fee (per competitor)
  • The entry fee is 3750,00 rubles per person in case of registration after March 31, 2013 (equivalent to approximately 92,00 €, 119,00 USD, 115,00 AUD according to the current exchange rates).
All amounts will be charged in RF rubles during online payment procedure. Commissions may apply.
The entry fee covers the costs of organising and setting up the event, maps, 3-day camping and parking, model training maps and course, catering during the rogaine, awards, the IRF levy.
SI card rental 150,00 rubles/pc. (equivalent to approximately 3,70 €, 4,80 USD, 4,60 AUD).
Withdrawals and Team Changes
Entry fee will not be refunded in case of a team entry cancellation.
Team members may be changed till July 14, 2013 (team member change; third member can be added to a team of 2 persons if the overall limit on participants number is not exceeded).
If a third team member is added to a team of 2 participants corresponding entry fee shall be paid.
After July 14, 2013 changes to а team will be possible only at the event centre at registration desk on 25 and 26 July 2013.
Accompanying persons and spectators
Accompanying persons and spectators (over 10 years of age) staying at the event centre shall pay a fee 1000,00 rubles (equivalent to approximately 25,00 €, 32,00 USD, 31,00 AUD), which covers: 3-day camping and parking, model training maps and course, catering at the hash house during the race, event map (distributed after the finish).
Embargoed areas
The rogaine area is bounded by sections of highways M20 (E95), A117 M9. This terrain is closed for training. The WRC 2013 participants are prohibited from visiting the indicated area starting until July 25, 2013. Any competitor found in this area will be disqualified.
Embargoed areas
Official Training
Special model map for rogaining in the nearest surroundings of Alol’ tourist center will be available for training for all WRC2013 participants.
The maps and checkpoint descriptions will be available at Alol’ tourist center on July 24 from 12.00 to 20.00 and on July 25, 2013 from 10.00 to 20.00.
Preliminary registration is not required. Participants need to know their team numbers to get the maps. Maps are free of charge for all registered participants as well as accompanying persons and spectators. Checkpoints will be marked with flags but not equipped with punching devices.
Please note that the eastern and western parts of the model terrain area are cut by M20 highway with heavy traffic and vehicles travelling at high speed. Participants shall be extremely careful while crossing the highway next to Alol’ tourist center.
Organizers and Contact Details
Alexey Nikitin – event director
Alexander Yakimov – chief secretary, IT support
Sergey Yashchenko – course planning and setting
Konstantin Volodin – course vetting
Irina Nikitina – catering coordinator
Anna Burlinova - hosting of foreign participants
WRC2013 Official Web site:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Requests on entry:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+7 985 159 39 30
Information provided in Bulletin No 2 replaces the information of Bulletin No 1.
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